Coordinating Meeting

The project team organized a coordinating meeting to manage current activities and the development of content. The currently processed tasks are developing the pilot courses (in the selected WordPress-based Learning Platforms), the content development of the implementation guide, and the different dissemination activities.

Coordinating meeting

The partners meet once each month to check the progress (monitoring of tasks), evaluate jointly created content, and discuss open issues. Furthermore, the next steps are planned and coordinated.

Intermedia Project Meeting

Coordinating Meeting: Ana Avila (AJITER), Diyana Todorova (BrainLog), Cristina Ceccarelli (EuphoriaNet), and Peter Mazohl (EBI)

EPALE group

The EPALE group, “InterMedia – Implementation of Interactivity & multimedia-bases Content with Multiple Devices” is open to all interested people. The project group invites all interested people to become members of this group and contribute to the content.

InterMedia Epale Group

EPALE Group of the project (Screenshot)

Link to EPALE Group: Intermedia Implementation Interactivity Multimedia-based Content & Multiple Devices

Available products

The project team develops four different training courses for adults currently. All courses will be available on all selected platforms. This enables interested people, to check the usability of the learning platforms as well as to compare the courses.

The intention of the project group is on one hand to integrate as many of the tested multimedia tools as possible, and on the other hand to use all possible (and available) features of the selected platforms. This approach aims to demonstrate the power of the selected platforms as well as the possibilities to create “pretty content”.

The intention of the project team is to offer the chance to compare, the focus is on the platforms themselves, and not on the instructional design. The approach uses “Flipped Learning 3.0” and reflects the content of the individual space.

About the Author: Peter Mazohl is the head of the EBI and a researcher in the field of innovative learning spaces, technology-enabled teaching and training, and the use of multimedia-based and interactive content.

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