Do you know eXeLearning?

eXeLearning is a free software tool that enables to the creation of educational interactive web content in a simple way. eXeLearning can generate interactive content in XHTML or HTML5 format, and it allows creating of navigable web pages including text, images, interactive activities, image galleries, or multimedia clips as well as assessments using various question formats.

The software is available from the web page in various formats:

  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and others)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple

Due to these facts, it is possible to use the software and develop learning content on all platforms.


Figure 1: Interface of the tool

The developed content can be used as a stand-alone application as well as you can integrate the content easily in Moodle or other learning platforms.

Did you ever work with eXeLearning? Share our experience with us!

Figure 2: Example of a ready-to-use learning unit

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