Learning Platform best-fitting for Adult Education

The EBI organized a special course conveying digital competencies for people of the 65+ generation. The course concept used Blended Learning (as the delivery method) and the Flipped Learning 3.0 framework. The Learning Platform was MOODLE (in the version 3.11)
During the course, the trainers’ team observed various problems of the learners in using Moodle. Talking with the course instructor, many participants said that Moodle was cumbersome for them to use and also seemed confusing to them. They also asked if there is not any simpler platform, something, that helps them better to keep the overview.
However, the participants confirmed that they appreciate the course as well-structured, and they welcome the many interactive tasks and multimedia-based learning content. Learning in this way is fun for them and brings – from the personal assessment of the learners – good learning success.

Senior Learning

Seniors during the On-site training

In the lessons learned session of the trainers after the course’s end, the trainer discussed the use of Moodle. In a final discussion, the team decides to search for an alternative. Currently, there are several options- but no decision done.

So, we are now publicly asking: what learning platform would be a good fit to replace Moodle and make learning easier for older adults? The platform must make it possible to easily integrate multimedia content and enable interactive elements in the learning process. The request is for a license-free software, it should be possible to set up and host the platform by the organization itself. Another option is a web-based platform with free access for non-profit organisations.

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