Project’s timeline

This timeline includes major milestones of the project or specified working periods.



August 1

Working on Learning Platforms

The time between the two staff training activities was used to work on various learning platforms. The results of each team were practiced in the second staff training in Angra do Heroismo (PT). Hits: 0
October 20

Pre-Final Meeting Rome (IT)

The pre-final meeting took place in Rome and was hosted by EuphoriaNet in October 2022. The teams exchanged the finding about learning platforms and finished the concept for the final guide. Hits: 0
April 14

Learning-Teaching-Training Event in Odense (DK)

The first staff training (LTT1) took place in Odense (Denmark), hosted by BrainLog. The focus was set on the use of the analyzed multimedia tools and the creating of learning content. Hits: 0
March 28

Intermediate Meeting Azores

End of August, the intermediate meeting of the team took place in Angra do Heroismo (Terceira, PT). Hits: 0
July 1

Working on Multimedia Tools

The months after the meeting in Wiener Neustadt were dedicated to the analysis of multimedia tools. The approach focused on free-to-use tools. Hits: 0
March 10

Multiple Devices: Study Report

Use of Multiple Devices in Learning: How to display interactive and multimedia-based content correctly? The result of the questionnaire enhanced by findings during the project development was published begin of March 2021. Hits: 0
March 3

Meeting in Wiener Neustadt

The COVID-19 situation has changed due to the big number of vaccinated people (in Austria, approx. 50% of the population). This situation enabled the first Face-to-Face Meeting of the project! Hits: 0
January 10

Multiple Device Survey

In the frame of the project, the partner started a survey asking the project’s target group about the practical use of multiple devices in technology-enhanced learning. For this reason, three different micro-apps have been created and people were asked to test them using various devices and to provide feedback in..Read More
December 15

Facebook Page

The project team implemented a FaceBook page. Within one month, the FaceBook page had more than 100 followers. Hits: 0
December 1

Project launched

The project was launched on November 1st, 2020. The InterMedia project aims to increase the competencies of adult educators, trainers, and adult education organisations to use interactive and multimedia-based content. Hits: 0

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