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The project “Multimedia and Interactive Content for Adult Education” (InterMedia, project number 2020-1-AT01-KA204-078005) received the label “Good Practice” due to its successful implementation and achievement of its objectives. By focusing on increasing the knowledge and skills of participating organizations in creating and utilizing multimedia and interactive content, particularly with consideration for Multiple Devices, the project effectively addressed the identified need in adult training.

Good Practice InterMedia Erasmus+ EBI

Screenshot from the Erasmus+ Project Database, labeled with “Good Practice”

Specific project content

Multimedia refers to the combined use of various forms of media, such as text, audio, video, graphics, and animations, to convey information or communicate a message.
The project’s success can be attributed to its well-structured approach, which involved five key steps. Firstly, an in-depth analysis of the use of Multiple Devices in Adult Education training courses was conducted, allowing for a better understanding of the challenges and requirements. Secondly, the project explored various possibilities and tools for creating interactive and multimedia-based training content, ensuring a diverse range of options to meet organizational needs.

Multimedia InterMedia Project EBI

A learning platform is a digital or online system that facilitates the delivery, management, and tracking of educational content and activities, often used for teaching and learning purposes.
Furthermore, the project identified user-friendly Learning Platforms based on WordPress suitable for implementing multimedia and interactive content, making it easier for organizations, including those with limited technical expertise, to utilize these materials. Additionally, the establishment of a community of adult education institutions facilitated knowledge exchange and collaborative efforts, enhancing the overall impact of the project.

The successful implementation of the project resulted in a significant increase in the knowledge and skills of participating organizations in multimedia and interactive content creation and utilization. Moreover, the establishment of the community provided a valuable network for ongoing support and exchange of best practices within the adult education sector.

Lastly, the project’s outcomes were effectively disseminated, for example on FaceBook,  ensuring that the knowledge and insights gained from the project were shared with a wider audience.

About the “Good Practice” label

Each Erasmus + project is subject to a qualitative assessment of the final report as well as an audit of financial management against criteria defined by the European Commission.
This label thus recognises projects with a high level of quality in terms of the general quality of the implementation, the results produced and disseminated and the impacts noted.

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