WordPress-based Learning Platforms

Aim of the Report
– Evaluating WordPress LMS Plugins
This document explores the role of learning platforms in adult education, with a focus on WordPress as a versatile and customizable solution. It discusses the key features, benefits, functionality, and challenges of learning platforms in the digital age. The document analyses the use and added value of open-source learning platforms, specifically WordPress, and addresses the challenges and limitations associated with its implementation.

The role of LMS in adult education is examined, highlighting the benefits they offer to adult learners while acknowledging the problems and obstacles they may face. The document explores the unique considerations for older adults (65+ generation) in utilizing learning platforms.

WordPress-based Learning Platform (InterMedia) by Peter Mazohl

In the context of WordPress as a learning management system (LMS), the document evaluates various WordPress LMS plugins. The results of both desktop research and analysis conducted during the project’s lifetime are presented. Criteria used by the team for evaluation are discussed.

The evaluation outcomes of four specific WordPress LMS plugins, Tutor LMS, Masteriyo, Lifter LMS, and LearnPress, are provided. A comparison table of their features is included to assist in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

The appendix offers additional information  WordPress shortcodes, and technical aspects such as front-end and back-end development languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

By providing a comprehensive analysis of learning platforms and evaluating WordPress LMS plugins, this document aims to support educators and decision-makers in selecting the most suitable solution for enhancing adult education through digital platforms.

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