With the online tool, Padlet, Trainers and their learners can compose content and notes on a digital pinboard, independent of time and place. Different motifs can be visualized by posting ideas, statements, pictures, or videos on the pinboard, a Padlet, as individual notes, and the Pads. With only one click, a new Padlet is created, which can also be changed in terms of appearance and functionality. Padlet can be used alone or in a group. It’s suitable for academy classes to work together on training material or motifs, distribute tasks, and capture answers or spontaneous opinions of learners.


Here are the samples & pilots

Padlet ( offers several benefits for use in a pedagogical environment. Here are some specific benefits. The tool provides a Read more
Padlet is an extremely easy-to-use tool that allows learners to collaborate online by posting text, images, links, documents, videos, and Read more
In the frame of the preparation of the first Learning-Teaching-Training Event in Odense (Denmark) we created a small Padlet. This Read more


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