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HTML5 Package is known by the initials H5P. This package intends to make it simple for anyone to produce interactive content such as presentations, movies, and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games, and more.

H5P does not require coding skills so it encourages everyone to create rich and engaging web experiences. Users will experience the same dynamic content and features on desktops, smartphones, and tablets since H5P content is responsive and mobile-friendly.


It is possible to import and export content. A web browser is all that is required to read or edit H5P content. Any website that supports H5P, such as, as well as your own Drupal or WordPress website that has the H5P plugin active, can generate H5P content. H5P material can be integrated through on any platform that accepts it (iframes). For LMSs like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, and other programs that adhere to the LTI standard. You may easily track results in your learning management systems using LTI. With sites across the US, the EU, and Australia, can guarantee that you will receive service from a server in your area.


H5P is an entirely open-source technology that is distributed under the MIT license. Users who want to become part of the community can access samples, tutorials, and other information. H5P’s ultimate goal is to attract a sizable global community of knowledgeable individuals who develop, utilize, and exchange H5P libraries with one another.


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