First Feedback from the Multiple Device Survey

In the frame of the project the partner started a survey asking the project’s target group about the practical use of multiple devices in technology enhanced learning.

For this reason, three different micro-apps have been created and people were asked to test them using various devices and to give a feedback in a questionnaire (closed questions using a Likert Scale and open answers).

Here are screenshots of the three apps (you may enlarge by clicking in the image).

The first responses are available now after the Christmas Holidays and the answers – mainly given to the open questions – are quite interesting.

While the responses from laptop users are positive, smartphone users are relatively dissatisfied.

Here is some feedback concerning smartphones (addressing screen size and overall usability):

  • It’s too small – you hardly can read the text. Entering a text is a torture!
  • You cannot work specifically on the smartphone.
  • A screen size of 24 inches is a basic requirement to be able to work quickly and specifically.
    Comment: Addresses the virtual lab
  • For applications like this the sceen of a standard smartphone is too small. Besides this, entering text without a physical keyboard is unsatisfying.
  • An exact representation on the screen is necessary for this exercise.
    Comment: Addresses the virtual lab
  • This demo was shown differently than it was on my iPad mini (now I’ve used an iPhone Pro max)
  • Not suitable for effective work.

We will continue this survey for the next three weeks and in February we will publish the results.

By the way – obviously this is one of the first study dealing with multiple devices in context with multimedia-based and interactive learning content.

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