Tools to create Multimedia-based and Interactive Content

It is possible to Modern courses  use technology. Technology enables to provide learning content based on multimedia and to make this content interactive. Create content needs multimedia tools.

Small selection of the web based apps that will be analysed in the frame of the project.

On one hand, software to create this type of content is often expansive, and it is almost impossible for small organisations to afford these costs. On the other hand, many useful programs and web-based tools exist and many of them are offered for free. It is difficult to keep an overview of these tools.

Another issue is the difference between advertisement and the truth. Some providers of free-to-use tools offer undreamt-of possibilities that their free software can master. Often it turns out that the mentioned features only partially really work, or are not freely usable at all, but are chargeable within the framework of a “PO” licence.

In the frame of this project the project team started an analysis of free-to-use tools that are useful especially for smaller organisations. This will cover the issues:

  • Free tu use
  • Simple to use
  • Create an added value for the learners
  • Based on Multimedia and Interactivity
  • It is possible to integrate the content easily in a learning environment
  • The created content can be used with multiple devices.

Additionally, demo-applications will be developed with the analysed and tested tools and enhanced with reports of the personal experience using the tools. All these results will be published here on the web page of the project.

In a virtual meeting hold in May 2021 the steering committee discussed the selection of the potential useful tools and agreed to a working plan for the next months.

Virtual Meeting to start the Activity 14 in the project: Analysis of multimedia tools.

The description of the activity is available from the project’s web page.

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