Analysis Multimedia & Interactive Tools

It is a core activity and as a result, it should provide an overview of the practical and useful multimedia and interactive (MMI) tools. This activity will be done in joint research and pilot work;  results and findings will be published in multimedia-based documentation.

What does multimedia actually mean?

“Multi” means a lot, “media” are media – so multimedia means many media! And when different media such as sound, text, graphics, animation or video are combined, one speaks of multimedia. The term multimedia refers to content and works that can consist of several media, mostly digital: text, photography, graphics, animation, audio, and video. There is no clear definition for the term multimedia. The presentation of content through different channels (sound film, for example, serves the eye and the ear) is nothing new. Even the “old-fashioned” school books are based on multimedia: Text combined with images (or graphics).

What does Interactivity mean?

The term interactivity (simply explained) means the alternate interaction of two unspecified identities.

What does interactive learning mean?

Interactive Elements

Example for an interactive element

Interactive learning consists of dynamic learning commonly associated with some activities. Its main feature is that it offers motivating activities that encourage a person to stay active and deepen their knowledge. Interactions in classic learning environments are foreseen between

  • Trainer & Learner
  • Learner & Learner
  • Learner & Content

Digital devices enable a new dimension of interaction with learners and content. The interface is an electronic device (see: Multiple Devices) and the multimedia content is displayed with this device. Multimedia content must support the interactivity triggered by a device (mouse or other pointing devices, like a finger on a touchscreen).

The focus of the analysis

The analysis undertaken in the frame of this project cares about commonly used multimedia tools to create multimedia-based and interactive content.

In the first stage, the project team identified useful tools that had to meet the following requirements:

  • Freely available (open source or free to use)
  • Suitable for creating multimedia and interactive content
  • Easy to handle (short time to learn the tool)
  • They enable the product to be used independently of the tool
  • Export to a common format
  • Easy installation in common platforms (special focus: WordPress).

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