Multiple Devices in Learning

The first activity in the frame of this project was a study about “Multiple Devices“. With this term, we denote the entirety of electronic devices that can be used for learning. These are desktop PC, laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, convertibles, and smartphones.

First round of feedback

The consortium asked former participants of courses and partners of former projects about their devices used for learning. The feedback was given in web-based feedback too [1] and got visualized. The bigger the word is displayed the more often this device was mentioned. A laptop is the preferred learning device obviously.

The used devices (>Result from AnswerGarden)

The Survey

Demo App #1: Cloze TestDemo App #2: Virtual LabDemo App #3

The first Demo App was about images. The aim was to test the inserting of text into a “fill in the blank test”.

Insert the text in a Fill in the Blank Test is a challenge for devices without a physical keyboard!

You can read the detailed results here.

The second application provided a virtual lab where you were asked to create an electric circuit.

Creating an electric circuit on a Smartphone using the fingers as a pointing device is a challenge!

You can read the detailed results here.

The third example provided a drag & drop application. The hurdle was the scroll bar, which must be used to display all elements.

Drag & Drop example – with a special challenge

You can read the detailed results here.

The result of this activity is the “Multiple Devices Report” and can be downloaded from the Download Page.


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