Euphoria Net Srl

EuphoriaNetEuphoria Net Srl is an Italian company set-up in March 2019 with the main scope of providing services in the project management field, in terms of supporting organizations in carrying out and managing projects as well as providing training on this topic. Euphoria is specialized in the educational field and works in projects related to bringing innovation in such fields.

The three main areas of activities are the following:

  1. Project management: we follow all the aspects related to EU projects;
  2. Training courses: we organize training courses especially for schools of any grade, Universities and associations on the following topics: project management, digital competencies, entrepreneurship, boosting STEM at school, EU citizenship, personalized learning, soft skills and innovative methodologies.
  3. Organization of events and communication strategies: we organize dissemination strategies within projects, including the set-up of project branding, communication, mapping stakeholders, organizing and coordinating events all over Europe.

Our headquarter is in Rome, but we travel all over Italy to deliver our training courses and to Europe to implement EU projects.

Contact: Cristina Ceccarelli

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