Here you can download documents, reports, and other material created by the project team during the project’s lifetime.

Multiple Devices

This study about the use of Multiple Devices gives an overview of user feedback.


ePub version

ePub (ZIP File)

Analysis of “Multimedia and Interactive Tools”

This report summarizes the experience of the project team with various tools to create multimedia-based and/or interactive content.





Analysis of possible platforms

Moodle is an excellent Learning Platform, but has some weaknesses: It is complicated to use for learners, needs deep-going training for course developers, and the installation must be on your own web server with specific requirements, that are not standard at commonly rented webspace.  Therefore, we analysed other possibilities and focused on WordPress as a learning platform, Additionally, you will find some considerations to create simple courses with eXe-Learning and offer the content directly from your webspace.



Community of “Multimedia-Workers”

We have set up a community of people interested in the use of multimedia-based content and the implementation of interactivity in their learning content. The project team decided to create an n EPALE group to keep the gained knowledge and experience as open as possible and to provide the findings with a specific focus on Adult Education.



Screenshot from the EPALE group

Implementation Guide

The development of this guide is the activity that summarizes all knowledge and results under a uniform concept. This guide will be published using a “cross-media concept” in PDF-Format and will provide web-based elements as well as printable content (depending on the results) multimedia-based material will be developed for the guide as another “best praxis example”.
Hint: Web-based material will be implemented with screenshots and links!

Version 2.1

The current version 2.1 is the enhanced version of the guide. Numerous footnotes (to explain the text) have been added, and the document has been enhanced with several new screenshots.




Implementation Guide


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