1 Kick-Off Meeting

The team used the time between the contracting with the National Agency and the official start of the project for intensive preparation. This covered the implementation of the webpage, the implementation of the communication and collaboration means, and the development of the working plan (in the frame of the project management). The next step was to implement the Kick-Off Meeting in the frame of the project.

The first virtual Kick-Off Meeting

Due to COVID-19 reasons, this meeting took place in the “virtual Space” and was performed using ZOOM. The major items on the agenda were:

  1. Project management (PM)
    • Presentation of the partners
    • This means “to bring the project on track”,
    • Organisational issues,
    • Budget planning,
    • Planning of the meetings
  2. The defined goal of the meeting
    • Planning a strategy for community building,
    • Presentation of the first activity phase,
    • Expected outcomes
  3. Content related issues
    • Planning of the first implementation tasks
    • Development of the concept for the implementation of the “Multiple Device”  study

Kick-Off meeting of the project: Unfortunately, it was during the time of lockdowns in Europe (due to COVID-19). The team uses ZOOM for the first time.

Meeting’s results

Besides the mentioned activities and results, the team started the dissemination activities. This covered a

  • Agreement to the project’s Logo (developed during the preparation phase)
  • Facebook page to present the project in the currently most used social network of the target group
  • Implementing an EPALE group to implement the “Community of Practice”1 based on EPALE.


1 A Community of Practice is a group of individuals who share a common interest or profession and engage in regular interactions to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices. It provides a platform for members to learn from each other, develop new skills, and collectively solve problems related to their field of work or interest.

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