The H5P Framework

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package, and aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content. Interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes, interactive timelines.

H5P content is responsive and mobile-friendly, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones, and tablets alike.

Use of H5P

H5P enables educators to create content such as interactive videos, quizzes and presentations.
MOODLE: H5P content can be created in the content bank of MODLE and added to courses as an H5P activity or embedded into other Moodle activities or resources.
WordPress: H5P offers a plugin for WordPress. You can create the content directly on WordPress and insert the created H5P content into a page.

Tool Description

Tool description

Name of the tool H5P
Web page URL
Type of use 🗹 Web-based
□ Download 
Type of licence 🗹 Free use of all functions
□ Free use of basic functions (fee for “PRO” Version”)
□ Educational Licence
🗹 Pay Version – if hosted on the H5P platform
Tool Characteristics


□ Cooperative work possible
🗹 Creates re-usable content
    Means use the link (direct to the content)
    Means download and upload at a different location
🗹 Created content needs a host to be displayed
🗹 Content can be displayed independently of the used Operating System
□ Content can be downloaded for local use

Possible use of the tool

Where to use (recommendations)?

🗹 Use to create additional multimedia-based (mm-b) content (graphics, videos, animations, …)
🗹 Use to create interactive content
□ Use to create complete learning units
🗹 Use to create interactive / mm-b assessments, self-evaluation units, or similar applications
□ Collaborative use (brainstorming, …)
□ other (please describe)

The tool includes several mm-b modules to create assessments at a high level
The assessments can send feedback to the grading in Moodle

Initial estimation

Evaluators initial estimation

  1. Easy to use
    O complete agreement O partial approval 🗹 little approval O no consent at all
  2. Well-done user interface
    🗹 complete agreement O partial approval O little approval O no consent at all
  3. Easy to learn
    O complete agreement 🗹 partial approval O little approval O no consent at all
  4. Useful for future course development
    O complete agreement O partial approval O little approval O no consent at all
Tool Evaluation



  • Excellent framework to create various interactive and multimedia-based content
  • Huge number of different activities
  • Best (free) tool to create interactive videos
  • Needs a host that supplies the visualization of the content
    • The H5P Platform, based on a fee
    • Moodle, H5P is natively integrated in Moodle
    • WordPress, H5P is integrated as a plugin
  • Needs some deeper going knowledge (digital competencies) and a good feeling for design

Download of the evaluation sheet




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