3 Learning-Teaching-Training Event in Odense (DK)

The first staff training (LTT1) took place in Odense (Denmark), hosted by BrainLog, from April 20th to April 22nd, 2022. The focus was set on the use of the analysed multimedia tools and the creation of learning content.

The training followed a Flipped Learning approach:
Delivery of the pre-class material (based on lower Bloom’s) focusing on the presented free tools. This enables the trainees (who are not common with the tools) to get their first impression and experience.

Active learning (group based) is implemented with practical work with the tools, development of new content, presentation of findings, and discussions (this complies with Klippert’s Learning Spiral but in a more modern way). Outcomes will be used for formative evaluation (Based on Higher Bloom’s). These active sessions are an extreme form of joint learning and one of the most intensive exchanges between the participants. Developed multimedia content is used as best praxis examples and published on the webpage of the project. A Klippert chair round was used for the final evaluation of the training.

Training concept

The group-based training followed a certain schedule for each tool:

  • Presentation of the tool by a “promotor”
    The promotor was a person from the organization that focused on a certain tool.
    Used abbreviations:

    • EN EuphoriaNet
    • BL BrainLog
    • EBI European Initiative for Education
  • Presentation of one (or more) typical applications created with the tool.
  • Hands-on praxis assignment for all partners to test the tool (and acquire own experience)
  • Presentation of the trainees’ products
  • Joint discussion, evaluation of the tool, classification and decisions for further use of the tool.
    From these discussions, a document has been created as a base for the recommendations as one of the project’s outcomes of the project team.
  • Each training day ended with a final summary.

Follow-up of the training

Developed content was enhanced (or completed) and uploaded to the webpage.

Pictures from the training

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