Development of an Implementation Guide

The development of this guide is the activity that summarizes all knowledge and results under a uniform concept. This guide will be published using a “cross-media concept” and provide web-based elements as well as printable content (depending on the results), multimedia-based material will be developed for the guide as another “best praxis example”.

This implementation guide serves as a comprehensive resource that provides an overview of the project’s finings as well as some step-by-step instructions, best practices, and recommendations for successfully adopting and implementing the multimedia-based content or how to use the tested platforms. It offers practical guidance to individuals or organizations looking to implement a new initiative by outlining key considerations, strategies, and tools. The purpose of this Implementation Guide is to streamline the implementation process, increase efficiency, and ensure successful adoption by providing a structured roadmap for achieving desired outcomes.

Implementation Guide - Cover InterMedia Project

The cover of the 88-page Implementation Guide.


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