Multimedia Tools

In this project, the partners analysed and tested multimedia tools and tools to create interactivity in learning material. The following tools have been analysed and evaluated:

  • Animaker
    Animaker is a cloud-based Do-it-Yourself animated video-making app, with in-built features to address the growing demand of animated video making.
    This tool offers a versatile graphic framework. The company offers free PRO-access for non-profit training organisations.
  • eXe-Learning
    The eLearning XHTML editor (eXe) is an authoring environment to assist teachers and academics in the design, development, and publishing of web-based learning
  • HTML-Validator
    An HTML validator is a quality assurance program used to check Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) markup elements for syntax errors. This is an excellent tool for experienced users.
  • Padlet
    With the online tool Padlet, Trainers and their learners can compose content and notes on a digital pinboard, independent of time and place.
  • The H5P Framework
    This tool aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content. Interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes, and interactive timelines.
  • ThingLink
    ThingLink enables the creation of interactive graphic material by creating multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turning that image into a multimedia launcher.
  • PowToon
    PowToon is an eTool that creates animated videos for personal, educational, or business/professional use.
  • W3Schools
    W3school is an educational website for learning coding online.


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