Analysis of possible platforms

This activity is used to develop, test, and publish variants of the implementation of multimedia-based and interactive tools in different environments. The background of this activity is to create simple but effective and mighty environments for AD (as a useful addition to the Moodle platform).

The project’s approach

Here, special attention is paid to open content management systems like WordPress.

The preconditions for platforms are

  • Free-ware platform offering support in active and collaborative learning
  • Easy to handle
    • For trainers
    • For learners
  • Language support

WordPress as a Learning Platform

WordPress offers a huge number of different plugins to enhance the system. One group of these enhancements enables using WordPress as a Learning Platform. The project group decided to analyse these four plugins:

  1. Masteriyo ↗
  2. LearnPress ↗
  3. Tutor LMS ↗
  4. LifterLMS ↗

The project team developed training courses and implemented these training on each of these platforms. The project team compared the handling, the performance, and the integration of multimedia tools within these training courses. An evaluation of the training led to the recommendation given in the Results.


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