InterMedia Project

Implementation of Interactivity and Multimedia-Based Content using Multiple Devices in Adult Education

The world today is digital. In training, various types of digital devices are used. This includes desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, convertibles, and smartphones. We call them “Multiple Devices”. They enable the use of technology-enhanced training with the implementation of multimedia-based and interactive (M&I) training materials. This sounds simple – the problem is the delivery of content so that it is displayed (and can be used by the trainees) on all types of devices. Another issue (in this context) is the creation of high-quality Multimedia-based and Interactive (M&I) content – especially in smaller Adult Education organisations.
The InterMedia project serves to exchange experiences and to develop digital skills, especially in the multimedia area, within the staff of the participating organisations. Furthermore, the development and use of M&I learning materials should be worked out together, brought into context with multiple devices, and developed in comprehensive documentation. A special focus is put on methodology and approaches to support seniors in this digital-oriented learning and training. Furthermore, the organisations will use the gained experience and knowledge to promote Erasmus+ programs – and in this sense especially courses – to all generations in their home countries.

Image: A typical training situation – people use several devices in their learning (and also at work).

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and aims to increase the knowledge and skills in the participating organizations to create and use M&I content, with particular attention to multiple devices and a specific focus on seniors.

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