The planned activities focus on a practical case study about the versatile use of Multiple Devices, an analysis of available Multimedia & Interactive freeware tools, their usability, and possible utilization for planning and developing training content (including the development of examples/pilots). Also, an analysis of possible learning platforms – as described above -will be done. Finally, the findings will be summarized in an “implementation guide”. A special focus is put to develop methodologies that support seniors best.

Multiple Devices

Image: Multiple Devices (Laptop, Tablet)

Multiple devices are electronic tools to process and display data, information, and multimedia content. Currently, we can distinguish several types of devices, most of which are portable today. These are Desktop PCs, Laptops, Convertibles, Chromebooks, Tablets, and smartphones. The challenge is to deliver multimedia-based and interactive training content in a versatile way, so it can display equally on all mentioned devices (This is a not yet researched issue and an innovation).
The study about Multiple Devices is available as a PDF download.

The second item analyzed in the project is tools to create Multimedia-based and Interactive Content. After a research phase and an experience exchange between the partners, the partners exchanged their findings and practiced their newly gained knowledge and skills in a Learning-Training-Teaching activity. The focus of this training was laid on the hands-on experience of all participants using the tools. Additionally, the participants developed the skills to use the tools and to decide about the implementation.
You will find the results of the research and practical experience here.

The third activity focused on the identification of simple learning platforms that might be used in Adult Education. Of course, there are well-equipped and freely available learning platforms, such as MOODLE. Unfortunately, these platforms are complex and require high digital skills from both trainers and learners. This problem was the starting point to look for simple and freely available alternatives. The project team focuses on WordPress and also considers eXe-Learning.
An evaluation of the platforms and a recommendation for their use are summarized in a handbook.


EPALE – the EC Platform for Adult Education

All this content will be presented in an EPALE group. As a platform for adult education, EPALE not only enables contributions and articles to be published, but also offers the option of discussions with interested stakeholders.
The project team has implemented a Special Interest Group “InterMedia – Implementation of Interactivity & multimedia-based content with Multiple Devices”. As a registered member of the EPALE Platform, you may join the group and contribute to the group and its content.

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