Implementation Guide

The implementation guide helps users to select appropriate multimedia-based and interactive tools, as well as learn about the problems with Multiple Devices and WordPress as a Learning Platform.
Sources, references, and resources: The guide and its content is available in English language only!

These are the chapters of the guide:

  1. Multiple Devices
    This is a summary of the “Multiple Device” research.
  2. Analysis of Multimedia & Interactive Tools
    This is a summary of the findings working with multimedia-based content.
  3. Analysis of possible platforms
    This chapter summarises the findings of the work with the WordPress Plugins.
  4. Examples, Pilots, and Implementation
    This technical chapter cares about practical implementation issues and offers – in the online version – the link to several examples.
  5. About the project & the partners
    This chapter provides a compilation of the partners in this project.
  6. Sources, references, and resources
    Please download the guide for this content!

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