HTML Validator

An HTML validator is a quality assurance program used to check Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ) markup elements for syntax errors. A validator can be a useful tool for an HTML user who receives data electronically from a variety of input sources.

Use of HTML Validator

This tool can be used for classes on ICT or for web developers.

Tool description
Name of the tool HTML Validator
Web page URL CSS & HTML Validation Software for Windows ✅ (
Type of use □ Web-based


Type of license □ Free use of all functions

Free use of basic functions (fee for “PRO” Version”)

Educational Licence

Pay Version

Tool Characteristics


Cooperative work possible
Creates reusable content
Means use the link (direct to the content)
□ Means download and upload at a different location
□ Created content needs a host to be displayed
□ Content can be displayed independently of the used Operating System
Content can be downloaded for local use

Possible use of the tool

Where to use? (Reccommendations)

Use to create additional multimedia-based (mm-b) content (graphics, videos, animations, …)
□ Use to create interactive content
□ Use to create complete learning units
□ Use to create interactive / mm-b assessments, self-evaluation units, or similar applications
□ Collaborative use (brainstorming, …)


The website can be used to validate HTML pages.

Initial estimation

Evaluators initial estimation

  1. Easy to use
    O complete agreement  O partial approval  little approval    O no consent at all
  2. Well-done user interface
    O complete agreement  O partial approval  little approval     O no consent at all
  3. Easy to learn
    O complete agreement  O partial approval    little approval    O no consent at all
  4. Useful for future course development
    O complete agreement  O partial approval   little approval    O no consent at all
Tool evaluation
Professional tool for web developers


It is very sectorial

It can be used for lessons but not to develop contents

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