Do you use graphics frequently? Do you need well-done illustrations, online presentations, and other multimedia material?

CANVA – a versatile graphic framework!

In its basic idea, Canva is a graphic design platform. It was launched in Sydney in 2012. Today, Canva is a service that gives you access to a huge library of online templates and images that you can adapt, change and save according to your ideas and needs.

Whether poster, flyer, postcard, or presentation. You can create a design as you like from the graphics provided, or use defaults.

The principle of Canva is elementary: using drag and drop, you can combine photos, graphic elements, fonts, and videos to create a complete work of art. The key feature behind it is the ease of use.

The whole thing is very beginner-friendly: first, you choose the format, i.e. whether you want to design an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a website banner. Canva offers the appropriate dimensions for different channels as default settings. But you can also create designs based on your own dimensions.

After you are finished, you can save your design online or download it in numerous formats (some formats are restricted to the free version). This way, you can also make further adjustments in programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Canva – cover page

Tool Description

Tool description

Name of the tool CANVA
Web page URL
Type of use 🗹 Web-based

o Download

Type of license o Free use of all functions

🗹 Free use of basic functions (fee for “PRO” Version”)

o Educational License

o Pay Version

Tool Characteristics


🗹 Cooperative work possible
🗹 Creates re-usable content
   🗹 This means use the link (direct to the content)
   🗹 This means downloading and upload at a different location
🗹 Created content needs a host to be displayed
o Content can be displayed independently of the used Operating System
o Content can be downloaded for local use

Possible Use of the Tool

Possible Use of the Tool

🗹 Use to create additional multimedia-based (mm-b) content (graphics, videos, animations, …)
🗹 Use to create interactive content
o Use to create complete learning units
🗹 Use to create interactive / mm-b assessments, self-evaluation units or similar applications

Possible Use of the Tool

Evaluators Initial Estimation

  1. Easy to use
    complete agreement O partial approval        O little approval            O no consent at all
  2. Well-done user interface
    complete agreement O partial approval        O little approval            O no consent at all
  3. Easy to learn
    complete agreement O partial approval        O little approval            O no consent at all
  4. Useful for future course development
    complete agreement O partial approval        O little approval            O no consent at all

Tool Evaluation


  • The use of templates makes it easy to start (numerous templates matching various purposes available).
  • Possibility to create very good-looking and professional products with limited graphic competencies (you need your own images and graphics, which can be uploaded by drag and drop)
  • Some interesting additional features like screen recording and voice creation.
  • 5 different applications are a good compromise to get started.
  • Collaboration is possible also with the free version (using the shared link).
  • Special PRO-Version for educational and non-profit organizations offered.
  • Download in numerous formats available
  • Many languages available


  • Pro-Version expensive



  • Try to use templates and modify them: this process makes the creation much easier.
  • It is a great tool if you create multimedia material to engage or impress your students.
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