PowToon is an eTool that creates animated videos for personal, educational, or business/professional use. It is a free, web-based (with options to upgrade), user-friendly software that creates presentations via three simple and easy steps: writing a script, recording a voice-over, and adding visuals.
Powtoon can be compared with Animaker – you will find some similarities.

Use of Powtoon

Educators can use the created videos in their flipped classrooms, to engage students and diversify the learning materials provided to their students.

Tool description
Name of the tool Powtoon
Web page URL www.powtoon.com/
Type of use Web-based

□ Download

Type of license □ Free use of all functions

Free use of basic functions (fee for “PRO & PRO+” Version”))

Educational Licence

Pay Version

Tool Characteristics

Cooperative work possible
Creates reusable content
      ⌧ Means use the link (direct to the content)
      ⌧ Means download and upload at a different location
□ Created content needs a host to be displayed
Content can be displayed independently of the used Operating System
Content can be downloaded for local use

Possible use of the tool

Where to use? (Reccommendations)

Use to create additional multimedia-based (mm-b) content (graphics, videos, animations, …)
Use to create interactive content
Use to create complete learning units
□ Use to create interactive / mm-b assessments, self-evaluation units, or similar applications
□ Collaborative use (brainstorming, …)

Initial estimation

Evaluators initial estimation

  1. Easy to use
    O complete agreement  partial approval   O little approval    O no consent at all
  2. Well-done user interface
    O complete agreement   partial approval   O little approval     O no consent at all
  3. Easy to learn
    O complete agreement   partial approval    O little approval    O no consent at all
  4. Useful for future course development
    O complete agreement   partial approval  O little approval    O no consent at all
Tool evaluation
  • It is possible to start with a free version;
  • The paid version for school is cheap 
    • Students  4$/month;
    • Teachers 6$/month;
    • Classroom 10$/month.
  • Ready-made template are included even in the free version
  • You can upload already created a ppt or photoshop file
  • You can download your videos as MP4 files
  • Most of the content can be accessed only in the paid version, which makes the free version very limited 
  • You can use your content only online without the PRO version

Here are two examples (from the Powtoon webpage)

Download the evaluation sheet




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