5 Pre-Final Meeting Rome (IT)

The pre-final meeting took place in Rome/Italy and was hosted by the Italian Partner EuphoriaNet. From all partners, people attended this meeting. The aim of the meeting was defined as a pre-final summary of the project.

The addressed issues were the

  • Project Management (evaluation LTT 2 (C2) and
  • A summary of Multimedia & Interactive tools activity,
  • The development of the “implementation guide”) as well as
  • Continuing the planning and detailed structuring of the activities for the Analyses of possible platforms.
  • Additionally, the continuing development of examples/pilots was cleared.

Work with WordPress platforms

In the frame of the platform analyses, the implementation of pilot courses was decided. These courses will make comparable the four used platforms and provide examples of how such a course can be implemented in the platform.


Diyana (from Brainlog) is presenting the Synopsis of the selected WordPress learning platforms.

The implementation guide

For the implementation guide, the team finalized the structure of this Guide (English language), fixed the split of work, cared for the definition of necessary tasks (for each organization), and finally created a content mind map.

Final dissemination strategy

The team also discussed the future (and final dissemination strategy), scheduled the future blog posts as well as the publishing of articles in EPALE. The webpage showed the interest of people with approximately 1100 visitors (on average) each month.

Pictures from the meeting

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