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Animaker is a web-based video creation suite that enables schools and training organizations to simplify their multimedia production. Moreover, it allows simply creating high-quality visual content. Animaker gives trainer and teacher teams access to a range of visual tools. Consequently, this means multi-user collaboration capabilities and a sizeable animated library to create video content quickly and efficiently.

Why did we use this tool?

Some valuable features of the tool make it easy to create your content:

  • Compelling character designer
    So diverse that you can create billions of unique characters.
  • Simple drag and drop functions
    This feature makes video creation a breeze!
  • Over 1000 templates
    Choose from thousands of templates! No matter what topic – create your videos in just 5 minutes!

In the frame of another project, we have created a video and want to present it here as a pilot (or demo).


Comment: This video is from the “CICERO-Project“, a project about digital competencies using digital photography as the learning and training process engine. The project team created the introductory video  using Animaker, and completed the clips with a screencast from the training course. The starting clip has been created with PowerPoint. This example shows that Animaker can be used as a premium tool to create clips and edit them to the final video.

Some considerations

  • It would help if you had a story – you can tell the story using the cartoon characters in a unique or surprising environment.
  • It would be best if you had a storyboard.
    Even if it sounds convincing to hear, “You can create your video in some minutes,” it is not that easy.
  • Many characters don’t match your expectations – so you have to invest some time to find (and adapt) the used character.
  • The first steps are easy – if you want to work at a higher level, it takes some time (and numerous hours of practicing based on trial and error) to create appealing videos!

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