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Crossword puzzles are a nice pastime. But how effective they are for our cognitive performance was controversial for a long time. Now it turns out that they do indeed have a positive effect on our brains. The human brain is like a muscle: it grows with its tasks. Brain training is therefore important for the performance of our brain, just as fitness training helps us to keep our body in shape. From this point of view, crossword puzzles can definitely be used as a learning tool. Explained easily, the crossword puzzle is a letter puzzle that is a popular method for consolidating certain concepts.

For this reason, crosswords are often used in language lessons (to consolidate expressions). However, they can also be used to train subject terms, for example in our multimedia crossword puzzle.

What is a crossword puzzle?

In terms of the scheme, it is a puzzle. This scheme consists of horizontal and vertical rows that cross each other in such a way that letters overlap. The solution terms to be entered can be determined by synonyms, descriptions, explanations or definitions. Since this is a review of the learned content and terms, the method should be used after learning or at the end of a lesson or unit.

Example for a (wooden) crossword puzzle (source: Unsplash).

Further ideas

Crosswords can also be used in reverse: The completed crossword puzzle is given to the learners and they have to work in groups to create the questions or formulations for the given words.

Alternative digital options

The crossword puzzle generator from kreuzworträ is also well-structured and self-explanatory. Overall, there are somewhat few options here to customize the puzzle. The puzzles from can be solved both in paper form and digitally. The solutions can be entered directly into the boxes online.  Unfortunately, the tool is only available in a German-language version.

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