Learning-Teaching-Training Event in Odense (DK)


Image: Intensive and challenging work to create individual multimedia-based and interactive learning tools.

The LTT1 (Learning-Teaching-Training event) took place in Odense (Denmark) from April 20th until April 22nd. Trainers and trainees from all partners participated in this very specific training. The aim of the training was the presentation of each analyzed tool and the personal practical experience (as a hands-on training) with each tool and to develop the first learning or training application.

The working style followed a certain pattern: One of the partners acted as a “promoter”, introducing the tool and explaining the possibilities offered. After a short explanation, the learners were given an order to create a suitable tool and developed the tool. In a final presentation of each tool and a group presentation, recommendations for this tool were formulated.

Multimedia Tools in the Training

The following listed tools were on the training schedule:

  • Animaker
  • Powtoon
  • The multipurpose editor eXe-Learning
  • Canva
  • The H5P Framework
  • Thinglink
  • Klaxoon
  • Animoto

Learning Outcomes

Know about the foreseen tools (Animaker, Powtoon, eXe-Learning, Canva, H5P framework, Thinglink, and Animoto), their basic features, and their various uses. Special competencies and skills

  • Be able to select the best fitting tool for specific purposes.
  • Be able to evaluate the tool based on its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Be able to create simple applications with various tools.
  • Be able to make decisions for the specific use of the tools in different learning environments and learning settings.

Training outcomes

All trainees could create the expected tools in the foreseen time. After each part of the exercise, the participants had intensive discussions about the value of the tools, their manageability, the limitations found, and of course, the usability or the area of application of the learning apps developed. The learning-teaching-training event was evaluated very  positively by the participants.

Pictures from the training

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Follow-up of the training

In the follow-up of the training, all partners will create some best practice examples implementing the knowledge and skills gained during the training. These examples or training apps will be published continuously until the next training in August 2022. In consequence, in a virtual meeting, an intermediate evaluation of the training is planned.

This training refers to the second major activity of the project, the analysis of multimedia and interactive tools.

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